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Weatherall Equipment & Instruments Ltd are the exclusive European importer and distributor of Clarex optical grade cell cast acrylic manufactured by Nitto Jushi Kogyo Co. Ltd. (NJK) in Japan.

Weatherall was founded in 1981 and has developed strong business relationships with its European customers. We have continued to grow and built a highly valued reputation for supplying outstanding quality products and customer service.

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CLAREX Optical Grade Cell Cast Acrylic

NJK is a world-renowned Japanese manufacturer of very high quality cell-cast acrylic (pmma) products under the brand names Clarex®Blue Ocean® Screen and Fantarex®.

NJK is a privately owned business which was founded in 1947. The head office is located in Tokyo and they have manufacturing facilities in Yokohama and Yamanashi employing over 275 people across the three sites.

By using cell casting method of acrylic production, the manufacturing method can be carefully controlled from the very beginning of the process to develop and engineer highly specialised technical acrylic products.


Clarex Optical Grade Cell-Cast Acrylic (PMMA) is an unsurpassed optical grade acrylic used in industries and applications which require a higher level of optical performance and quality. Examples include automotive, aviation, medical and information display industries used for display windows, light guides, filtering specific wavelengths for optical sensors, contrast enhancement and diffusion of light.

The cast acrylic (pmma) material is very robust as it has a high molecular weight which gives an excellent surface hardness and durability. The very high light transmission of up to 98% ensures the light and signals will pass unimpeded through the substrate. These attributes can be further enhanced and customised with additional coatings and bespoke colour matching which complement and are tailored towards the application.

It is these qualities which are highly valued by us and our customers.

Blue Ocean® Screen

Using Clarex optical design technology, High definition front and rear projection screens have been developed. This results in projection screens which have True Colour Reproduction, High Definition and High Contrast images.


Cell-Cast Acrylic (PMMA) Sheet for ornamental and aesthetic design. It is used as an interior and an exterior material for decorative applications such as in offices, hotels and retail stores.

Custom Acrylic Sheets

To meet your specific requirements with quality Assurance for your peace-of-mind

Weatherall hold stock of the full range of standard Clarex products.  In addition to the standard range, Weatherall works directly with CLAREX and are able to offer a flexible approach to the production process. We can control many aspects of  each stage of manufacture enabling us to offer customised products and bespoke solutions according to our customer requirements.

A Broad Spectrum of Customers

Our customers range from small R&D companies through to large blue chip organisations across Europe in a range of sectors including aviation, automotive, medical, CCTV, marine and audiovisual. We have no Minimum Order Quantities and hold a large amount of stock ready for immediate dispatch.

Customer Challenges for Bespoke Acrylic Sheets

We deal with the most complex of customer challenges and are more than happy to provide custom acrylic sheets to meet specific demands across a wide range of application areas.  We can supply in various formats from single sheets through to semi-finished parts complete with printing, profiling and adhesive, ready for the assembly of the finished product.

Satisfaction is our Priority

 Meeting the specific needs of our customers and ensuring their satisfaction is our priority. For your peace-of-mind, we have been assessed and certified in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2015 applicable to "Supply of optical grade cast acrylic and polycarbonate sheets and/or finished pieces for electronic display systems”.

Speak to us today about your display requirements

We are happy to answer technical product questions that you may have, including application usage. Further product technical data can also be provided upon request.

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