CLAREX Blue Ocean® Screen

CLAREX Blue Ocean® Screen is a projection screen developed specifically for highly functional projection systems.

CLAREX Blue Ocean® Screen (BOS) Technology provides true colour reproduction, high resolution and image depth which gives audience a high level of visual experience.
The standard screens can be customised for both optical and mechanical enhancements according to your application.

Single Element Screen: 

  • Monolithic screen system has all the components loaded into the screen itself.
  • No requirement for fresnel and lenticular elements
  • High peak gain and wide viewing angle
  • Uniform image



  • Combining optical components allows optimisation of screen characteristics to complement the projection source and viewing conditions.
  • Screen definition is not limited by size of lens structure.
  • Blue Ocean Screen is custom formulated to yield true colour and vivid images.
  • Screen formulations are available for all types of projection systems with wide viewing angle.
  • Low Scintillation and very high contrast and definition even under high ambient light conditions.
  • Optical Coatings are available to complement the gloss/flat and matt surfaces, as well as optical coatings (scratch resistant, anti-static, anti-Reflect), depending on the customer's requirement
  • Optical Characteristics of BOS-C0451 : 1/2 Angle 42° / Peak Gain 0.85

Blue Ocean Screen Product Specification Data:

    • Single-Element Systems: Up to 120" at a 4:3 aspect ratio and up to 110" at 16:9.
    • Large Displays - Large screens everywhere from stadiums and trade show displays to railway stations and other public information venues.

Specialist Applications - Used with great success in flight simulation systems and immersive theatre applications.

    Single-Element Systems: Up to 100" at a 4:3 aspect ratio and up to 120" at 16:9,

    • Various Projections - Theatres, conference and symposium areas, hotels, gyms and attractions requiring free-form projection surface.
    • Units may be combined into an (apparently) seamless larger unit. Contact us for details.
    • Specification is subject to change at any time.

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