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Summary of CLAREX Acrylic Products Available:

1. Precision Sheet 001

Optical grade cell-cast PMMA (acrylic) sheet with a flat (gloss) surface.

2. Hard Coat Sheet

Precision Sheet with a hard coating applied to one or two sides increases the surface hardness to 6~8H.

3. Non-Glare Sheet

Precision Sheet with matt finish which diffuses surface reflection and increase the legibility of the display. There are many different levels of non-glare to choose to complement the display.

4. Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating

Prevents light reflection and increases the transmission. The coating can be combined with Non-Glare and / or hard coating, and anti-fingerprint.

5. CLAREX DR Range of Diffusers and Reflectors

a. DR-IA (Diffusion Reflector)

Reflects the ambient (external) light uniformly across the display.

b. DR-IIA (Transflector)

Combines reflecting ambient (external) light and diffuses backlight uniformly.

c. DR-IIISX (Diffusion Filter)

Diffuses a high intensity back light source uniformly across the display.

d. DR-IIICX (Diffusion Filter)

Diffuses back light source uniformly.

e. DR-IV (Diffusion Light Guide)

Highly Scattering Optical Transmission (HSOT) Light Guide customised and designed to uniformly control the diffusion of light in the display

6. NIR (Infra-Red) Filter

Optical transmission of Near Infra-Red wavelengths and absorbs visible light.

7. UV Cut Filter

Protects displays absorbing harmful UV rays, 4 different grades of filters transmitting from 370 ~ 480nm.

8. UV Transmission Filter

Optical grade acrylic filter transmits ultra-violet rays from 260nm.

9. Contrast Enhancement Tinted Sheets

Transparent colour optical filters used for contrast enhancement, colour conversion, or colour correction in displays using e.g. VFD, LCD, or LED technology. Bespoke colour matching is also available.

10. Thick Sheet

Clarex cell-cast sheet in thick format, up to 110mm thick.

11. AR and EMI Shielding

Anti-reflection filter witch ITO coating to shield from electromagnetic interference.

12. Anti-Bacteria (AB) Filter

Optical filter for hygienic applications. Specific coating prevents the reproduction of bacteria on the surface.

13. Light Guide Reflector Sheet

Designed for edge lit LED displays to control light uniformly across the display.

14. Light Guide Panel

Customised light guide solution designed specifically per application

15. High Temperature Grade (W7)

A new development in the formulation of Clarex PMMA to tolerate higher working temperatures (90-95°C) than standard PMMA (80°C). Currently available for the 001, Hard Coat, DR-IIICX and NIR range of products.

16. CLAREX Mirror and Half-Mirror Sheets

Cell-Cast Acrylic sheet with mirror coating on one side. We can also offer a half mirror coating on one side, with the transmission and reflection customised to the application.

17. Solid Colour Sheet

Cast acrylic solid coloured sheets, with bespoke colour match available.

18. Laser Scanner Filter

Optical filter specific for optimising transmission from 630 – 670nm, tinted material with AR coating.

Speak To Us Today About Your Acrylic Requirements

We are happy to answer technical product questions that you may have, including application usage. Further product technical data can also be provided upon request.

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