CLAREX Anti-Bacteria Filter

CLAREX Anti-Bacteria Filter is a hygienic window filter which prevents the reproduction of bacteria.

  • Prevents reproduction of bacteria on sheet surface.
  • No birefringence or double refraction
  • Close tolerance and  uniform thickness.
  • Ultra smooth glass-like surface.
  • Excellent weather resistance.
  • Addition of Hard Coat increases surface hardness to 6-8H
  • Non-Glare surface texture can also be applied.
  • Many standard substrate colours available or colour matching also available.
  • Versatile substrate suitable for laser cutting, milling, printing, forming etc.

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CLAREX Anti-Bacteria Filter Product Specification Data:

  • Touch Panel Window
  • Display Window for medical equipment
  • Medical storage case
  • Touch Panel for displays

Please see below for a selection from our standard colour range. Please note we offer colour matching available to meet your requirements, contact us to learn more.

    • 0.8mm to 3.0mm (in 0.1mm increments)

    Please contact us if you require another thickness.

  • 400 x 550mm

Please contact us if you require another size.

Total Light TransmittanceASTM D-1003%89
Specific GravityASTM D-7921.19
ElongationASTM D-638%5
Flexural Rupture StrengthASTM D-790Kg/cm2800
Heat Distortion TemperatureASTM D-648ºC110
Maximum Recommended Continuous TemperatureºC80
Coefficient of Thermal ExpansionASTM D-696Cm/cm/ºC7 x 10 -5
Heat Resistance80ºC x 100hrNo Change
Cold Resistance-40ºC x 100hrNo Change
Humidity Resistance40ºCx90%x100hrNo Change
Thermal Cycle-40ºC <=> 80ºC (10 cycles)No Change
Sunshine Weather Meter100 hrNo Change
Pencil Hardness6H ~ 8H
Test ItemsTest Method (JIS)UnitValue
MRSAZ2801antimicrobial activity5
Staphylococcus aureusZ2801antimicrobial activity4
O-157Z2801antimicrobial activity6
Escherichia coliZ2801antimicrobial activity6

*Antimicrobial activity value of 2 or more considered to be antibacterial.
※ These are the measured value of CLAREX 001 3.0mm thickness sheet, and are not for guarantee.



Methyl Alcohol (50%)No Change
Ethyl Alcohol (50%)No Change
Soap Aqua SolutionNo Change
TolueneNo Change
AcetoneNo Change
BenzeneNo Change
Ethylene DichlorideNo Change

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