CLAREX Anti-Reflection (AR) Filter

CLAREX Anti-Reflection (AR) Filter is a multi-layered AR coating which prevents light reflection increasing transmission.

  • Outstanding Reflection Prevention.
  • Superior Light Transmission (over 98%) and Optical Characteristics.
  • Excellent surface hardness and durability.
  • Additional coating to prevent surface smudging (Anti-Fingerprint).
  • No birefringence or double refraction.
  • Available from 0.3mm thickness
  • Close tolerance and uniform thickness.
  • Ultra smooth glass-like surface.
  • Excellent weather resistance.
  • Addition of Hard Coat increases surface hardness to 6-8H
  • Non-Glare surface texture can also be applied
  • Many standard substrate colours available or colour matching also available.
  • Versatile substrate suitable for laser cutting, milling, printing etc.

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CLAREX Anti-Reflection (AR) Filter Product Specification Data:

  • Optical Filter (Camera lens for mobile application, etc.)
  • Medical Device Display Filters
  • Scanner Sensor Filters (Barcode Laser scanner sensor, etc.)
  • Display Protection Window (LCD, VFD, OLED monitor, etc.)
  • Anti-Reflection Panel for LCD, CRT, LET, EL, PDP, VFD, FED, Bar Code Scanners, etc.


Please see below for a selection from our standard colour range. Please note we offer colour matching available to meet your requirements, contact us to learn more.

  • 0.3mm to 5.0mm (in 0.1mm increments)

    Please contact us if you require another thickness.

  • 310 x 380mm (Effective size is 290 x 360mm)

Please contact us if you require another size.

PropertiesMeasurement ValueTest Method (ASTM)
Total Light Transmittance (%)98D-1003
Reflectance (%)0.5(at550nm)-
Pencil Hardness6HD-3363
Repellency110゜Contact Angle
PropertiesTest ConditionResult
Heat Resistance85℃×250hrNo change in appearance
Cold Resistance-40℃×250hrNo change in appearance
Thermal Shock-40℃⇔Normal Temp⇔85℃
(300min x 200cycles)
No change in appearance
Moisture Resistance60℃×90%RH×250hrNo change in appearance
Chemical Drop Test

(24hrs on Anti-Smudge surface)

Artificial Sweat (+)No Change in appearance ○

Change in appearance △

Artificial Sweat (-)
Distilled Water
Sea Water
Strong Alkali

Clarex AR filters have a multi-layer coating which controls the refractive index.  The effect of this is to reduce reflection and increase light transmission.  This multi-layer is quite delicate and requires careful handling.  For identification, the front face or viewing side is protected with clear film, and the back face with green film. 
Prevention of scratches
The AR surface also has a hard coating of 6-7H pencil hardness, to prevent scratches.  However, cleaning with dirty, gritty cloths will scratch the surface, so it is necessary to clean only with a clean soft cloth, see below.Prevention of smudges

The AR coat filter has very low reflection (less than 0.5% at 550nm compared to ordinary acrylic 8% at 550nm) and very high transmission (98% for AR compared to 92% for ordinary acrylic).  Therefore, it is very easy to smudge or mark with fingerprints.  To prevent this, the top surface layer is treated with an ‘anti-smudge coating’, so it can be easily cleaned

Note: If both top and bottom surfaces are coated with AR (eg MHA2100) the bottom surface does not have an ‘anti-smudge coating’, so it must not be touched, as it will be impossible to clean. 

Cotton gloves should be worn during handling and assembly.

Chemical resistance

The AR surface will react with chemicals.  It should never come into contact with acid or alkaline reagents.

Seawater will also affect the AR coating, and fresh water should not be used to clean it due to the possibility of dissolved chemicals in the water.

Method of cleaning

We recommend a micro fibre clean soft cloth similar to that used to clean AR coated eyeglasses. 

To remove oily finger marks we recommend a cleaning agent specifically used for optical lenses, and polished with a micro fibre cloth.

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