CLAREX DR-IIA Transflector

CLAREX DR-IIA Transmissive diffusion reflector which combines two functions - external light reflection and rear light diffusion.

  • Excellent Light Diffuse-Reflection and Diffuse-Transmission.
  • Outstanding optical characteristics.
  • Uniform thickness.
  • Excellent weather resistance.
  • Many standard substrate colours available or colour matching also available.
  • Versatile substrate suitable for laser cutting, milling, printing, forming etc.

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Clarex DR-IIA Transflector Product Specification Data:

  • LCD reflector and diffuser
  • Automotive backlight applications
  • Audio-Visual Equipment.
  • Sign Illumination.

DR-ⅡA (Transflector)

501 000White45%73%
505-4 000White61%54%
801-1 000White64%39%
502-1 000White75%34%
503 000White80%24%
505-1 000White81%19%
705-1 000White76%19%
503 BG-01Green47%8%
505-4 BG-01Green39%27%
503 GR-04Green58%13%
505-4 GR-04Green50%34%
503 GR-05Green65%16%
505-4 GR-05Green56%42%
503 GR-13Green71%19%
505-4 GR-13Green58%46%
503 BR-22Blue61%16%
505-4 BR-22Blue51%40%
503 G-100Gold76%22%
505-4 G-100Gold59%52%
503 YR-02Yellow75%23%
505-4 YR-02Yellow60%52%
503 FY-01Yellow88%26%
505-4 FY-01Yellow70%57%
503 FP-02Pink64%17%
505-4 FP-02Pink53%43%
503 OR-07Orange56%14%
505-4 OR-07Orange48%39%
  • 380 x 530mm

Please contact us if you require another size.

  • 0.5mm
Ethyl Alcohol (50%)No Change
Isopropyl AlcoholNo Change
Soap Aqua SolutionNo Change
Reflective IndexASTM D-542 1.49
Heat Distortion TemperatureASTM D-648°C110
Maximum Recommended Continuous Temperature °C80
Coefficient of Thermal ExpansionASTM D-696cm/cm/°C7 x 10-5
Pencil Hardness  2H
Heat Resistance80°C x 100hr No Change
Cold Resistance-40°C x 100hr No Change
Humidity Resistance60°C x 90% x 100hr No Change
Thermal Cycle-40°C<=>80°C (10 cycles) No Change

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