CLAREX DR-IIISX Diffusion Filter

CLAREX DR-IIISX diffusion filter is a shade diffuser for backlights with a high intensity light source which result in uniform diffusion of the light over the display.

  • Available from 0.5mm whilst blocking up to 95% of light
  • Graded levels of light transmission from 5% ~40%.
  • Uniform surface brightness and effective diffusion.
  • Outstanding optical characteristics.
  • Uniform thickness.
  • Excellent weather resistance.
  • Prevent Newton's rings.
  • Blocks UV ray.
  • Many standard substrate colours available or colour matching also available.
  • Versatile substrate suitable for laser cutting, milling, printing, forming etc.

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CLAREX DR-IIISX Diffusion Filter Product Specification Data:

  • Light diffusion filter for color or monochrome LCD Display, LED lighting, etc.

DRⅢSX (Diffusion Filter)

  • 4000 x 550mm

Please contact us if you require another size.

  • 0.5mm to 1.0mm (in 0.1mm increments)

Please contact us if you require another thickness.

DRⅢSX (Diffusion Filter)

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