CLAREX High Temperature NIR Filters

CLAREX High Temperature NIR Filters with Operating Temperature of 95ºC

  • The Clarex Near Infrafred (NIR) Filter with enhanced Heat Resistance.
  • Continuous operating temperature to 95℃
  • Transmits Near Infrared (NIR) Wavelength.
  • There are 5 grades of NIR filters which transmit through the ranges of 670nm to 860nm.
  • Steep Transmission Curve for sensor accuracy and responsiveness
  • Excellent Optical Characteristics and weather resistance.
  • No birefringence or double refraction allows unimpaired signal transmission.
  • Addition of High Temperature Hard Coat increases surface hardness to 6-8H
  • Non-Glare surface texture can also be applied
  • Anti-Reflection Coating surface treatment also available specifically designed for NIR wavelengths improves transmission up to 96%
  • Versatile substrate suitable for laser cutting, milling, printing, forming etc.

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CLAREX High Temperature NIR Filters Product Specification Data:

  • Automotive Radar Sensor Filter
  • Aerospace
  • Aviation
  • Proximity and Motion detection
  • Eye tracking sensor filter
  • 0.5mm to 3.0mm (in 0.1mm increments)

Please contact us if you require another thickness.

  • 400 x 550mm (from 0.5mm thickness)

Please contact us if you require another size.



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